Metabo HPT (Formerly Hitachi) Round Head Framing Nailer, 2" to 3-1/4"

Metabo HPT 2" to 3-1/4 in Round Head Framing Nailer


The NR83A5M now features selective actuation on the trigger, which not only reduces the total number of parts in the trigger, but also eliminates all composite parts. With a selective action trigger to easily switch between contact and sequential operation, also comes with a two-piece steel magazine, tool-free adjustable depth of drive, hardened claw tip for driving nails at different angles.


  •  CYLINDER VALVE DRIVE: Provides quick response and rapid, powerful driving
  •  SELECTABLE TRIGGER MODE: Choose contact or single sequential actuation mode via switch on the trigger
  •  RAFTER HOOK: Can be positioned on left or right side depending on user preference
  •  LOADING: Two-step rear loading magazine for quick replenishments
  •  HARDENED CLAW TIP: Resists wear on the nose and minimizes slippage when driving at an angle or toe-nailing
  •  OPEN NOSE DESIGN: Provides for easy extraction of a jammed nail
  •  FASTENERS: Accepts both 30 degree paper strip collated clipped head nails and 30 degree paper strip collated offset round head nails from 2-in to 3-1/4-in in length and 0.113 - 0.131 in nail diameter for ultimate convenience

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