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Capable of driving 2" to 3-1/4" full head wire collated coil nails, the NV83A5M features a tool-free depth of drive adjustment, selective actuation trigger for bump or sequential fire, rapid response cylinder valve drive system, side load pop-out magazine, open nose design, plastic shield, rubber grip, and rafter hook. 
The NR83A5M now features selective actuation on the trigger, which not only reduces the total number of parts in the trigger, but also eliminates all composite parts. With a selective action trigger to easily switch between contact and sequential operation, also comes with a two-piece steel magazine, tool-free adjustable depth of drive, hardened claw tip...
The Metabo HPT NR83AA5M is the biggest proof to that. the NR83AA5M offers both a rapid response and some serious driving power, to quickly and consistently sink up to 3-1/4” X 0.131” into the toughest materials. With the selective actuation now on the trigger, we not only reduced the total number of parts in the trigger but also eliminated all composite...
The NV45AB2M is extremely lightweight, (only 5.5 Lb.) It features rapid driving and unprecedented quick response with unique cylinder valve firing mechanism allowing you to fire up to 3 Nails per second. Size from 7/8 In. to 1-3/4 In. its depth of drive adjustment will allow the user to drive the nail to the desired depth at operating pressure ranging...
Capable of driving nails as large as 2-1/2" x .099" at a rate of 3 per second, With added features like a selective actuation switch, side-load tilt bottom magazine and repositioned depth of drive adjustment dial, this professional siding nailer gets even better. Additional features such as the adjustable air deflector, no-mar nose cap and plastic shield...
FASTENERS: Accepts 15-Gauge finish nails ranging in length from 1-1/4" up to 2-1/2" TRIGGER: Selective actuation switch allows for either sequential or contact nailing LIGHTWEIGHT: At only 4.2 lbs. MAGAZINE: 34-degree angle allows easy reach into corners or tight spaces
Lightweight: Only 3.7 lbs Accepts: 16-gauge finish nails ranging from 1" up to 2-1/2" Integrated air duster button: Easily keep the working surface clean No-mar tip: Protects the work surface from damage
Metabo Tools

Metabo HPT 2" 18 Gauge Brad Nailer

Accepts 5/8" up to 2" 18-Gauge brad nails Lightweight: Only 2.2 lbs, for easy all day use Depth of drive dial: Easily adjust the drive depth for a professional finish
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