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Black/Yellow Poly available in: 1/4" x 600ft, 1/4" x 1200ft  Tensile Strength: 1490 lb.                   Yellow Poly and Manilla available in:   3/8" x 600ft  Tensile Strength 3340 lbs                             Package Type: Spool
Reduce the risk of slips and falls on ramps - stairs - slick concrete - and tile floors with Our non skid abrasive safety tape. Made from black aluminum oxide with an aggressive adhesive to conform to irregular surfaces - this tape is extremely durable in high-traffic areas. Acrylic adhesive bond strengthens with time and heat for long wear.


Our DT260 8mil Duct Tape is a silver polyethylene single coated cloth with high tack rubber adhesive. Perfect for a variety of utility tasks. Meets UL723 requirements. 2" x 60yd rolls
Federal law requires tractor trailers - flat beds - tankers etc. to have a 2 wide highly reflective tape on the sides and rear of each vehicle. Our red and white striped tape (11" red - 7" white) comes in 2" x 50 yd rolls and meets all federal and state specifications.
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